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It doesn't matter how talented you are if you don't have the right connections - and this program will teach you exactly what to do to make them, even if it doesn't come naturally for you!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pillar 1: Perspective, Profitable Networking Made Easy!

  • 2

    Pillar 2: Personal Brand, Profitable Networking Made Easy!

    • Personal Branding Intro

    • What Do People SEE?

    • What Do People FEEL?

    • What Do People HEAR?

    • Influencing Your Personal Brand (Part 1)

    • Influencing Your Personal Brand (Part 2)

    • Personal Brand Worksheet

    • Developing Confidence

    • Confidence Worksheet

  • 3

    Pillar 3: Procedures, Profitable Networking Made Easy!

    • Pre-Event Necessities

    • Event Flow and How to Get Value From Events

    • Networking Buddies

    • ROI on Events

    • Arriving and Mingling Confidently

    • Making Meaningful Connections (Mini Bonds)

    • Moving Beyond Boring Small Talk

    • How to Use Business Cards

    • 3 Ways to Exit a Conversation

    • How to Remember Names

    • Techniques to Master Events (Part 1)

    • Techniques to Master Events (Part 2)

    • Handshakes and Name Tags

    • An Alternate to an Elevator Pitch

  • 4

    Pillar 4: Strategy, Profitable Networking Made Easy!

    • Strategic Plan Intro

    • Different Types of Contacts

    • Filling Your Calendar

    • Sweet Spot of Profitable Activity (Part 1)

    • Sweet Spot of Profitable Activity (Part 2)

    • Profitable Networking Workbook + Focus Board

    • Analyzing Your Network

    • How to Follow Up

    • Options for Networking

    • Breaking Free from Networking Ruts

    • How F2F Networking Fits with Your Online Strategy

    • Congratulations - The End!

  • 5


    • (Keynote) The Path to Loyal Professional Relationships

    • The 4 Moments When Trust is Created

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Meet Your Instructor:

Allison Graham

Allison has been guiding professionals on creating meaningful and profitable connections since 2006 as a speaker, author and media commentator. She teaches networking and resilience now because she struggled with both topics for years. Once she found her way, she realized she could help others. Thousands of professionals attribute Allison's insights with a positive shift in their results. Now it's your turn!